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After the end of the world, Earth is a thirsty planet ruled by vicious warlords. One woman is brave enough to fight back; she bands together five warriors to save her town and their precious water.
The old SEVEN SAMURAI story of heroes defending a village from a marauding gang is one that has been told over and over again in literature and film. Why, just recently we&#39;ve had Tsui Hark&#39;s SEVEN SWORDS which is a simple retelling of this plot line. In 1991&#39;s DUNE WARRIORS, the prolific Filipino director Cirio H. Santiago comes up with the idea of mixing a post-apocalypse world straight out of MAD MAX with this classic &#39;village defence&#39; story, and the result is a typically low-budgeted but action-packed movie which is pretty much one running gun battle.<br/><br/>The film wins no awards for quality and there seems to be a singular lack of originality in the production – even the names of the hero and villain, Michael and William, are among the most uninspired I&#39;ve come across. The paucity of the budget is evident in the cheap wood-and-cardboard sets and sackcloth costumes. Still, fans of Santiago – are there any apart from me? – will know that the director always gets every penny from his cheap budgets and the film is chock-full of explosions and gunfights that will mildly appeal to any adventure fan. The special effects guys are particularly in their element here, with lots of bloody squib hits and even a severed limb or two.<br/><br/>Despite being made in 1991 – a bit of a latecomer to the post-apocalypse craze, with most of the Italian Mad Max rip-offs having been produced in the early &#39;80s – this film has the cheesy &#39;80s feel to it, as none of the sets look professional for a second. COMMANDO is an obvious influence on the action, which is repetitive but cheesy enough to be interesting. Santiago has amassed a mostly Caucasian cast this time around, with only a few native Filipinos lower down in the cast list. David Carradine (KILL BILL) is the Hollywood draw, and he must know that this is one of the cheapest films he&#39;s ever made, because he doesn&#39;t put in much of an effort and his hero seems weak and elderly, especially in the embarrassing fight scenes. Far better is Rick Hill, an old hand at this sort of stuff, having appeared in the DEATHSTALKER films. Once he&#39;s torn the sleeves off his shirt and grabbed two machine guns, you know you&#39;re in for a fun time. Resplendent with cheap bloody fights and a totally gratuitous nude bathing scene, DUNE WARRIORS is an utterly forgettable addition to the post-apocalypse genre but one that plays out its predictability with speed and a somewhat refreshing lack of pretentiousness.
In a grim future water has become a precious rare commodity that&#39;s horded by vicious warlords. Feisty Val (winningly played by foxy blonde Jillian McWhirter) rounds up a band of warriors led by Michael (an aging, but still viable David Carradine) to defend her village against the evil William (Luke Askew in fine nasty form) and his gang of bandits.<br/><br/>Filipino exploitation cinema specialist Cirio H. Santiago keeps the enjoyable, if derivative story moving along at a quick pace, makes nice use of both generous blood squibs and the desolate desert terrain, blows up lots of stuff real good, stages the rough&#39;n&#39;tumble action with aplomb, and tosses in a little tasty gratuitous female nudity for extra trashy measure. Thomas McKelvey Cleaver&#39;s compact script draws the various warriors with a reasonable amount of depth. The sincere acting by the sturdy cast rates as another big plus: Rick Hill as the rugged John, Blake Boyd as the cocky Jason, Maria Isabel Lopez as the fierce Miranda, Henry Strzalkowski as the traitorous Luis, Bon Vibar as the noble Emilio, Val Garay as slimy henchman Jason, and Joseph Zucchero as the cowardly Reynaldo. The spirited score by Gary Earl and Odette Springer hits the stirring spot. Joe Batac&#39;s competent cinematography boasts a few snazzy visual flourishes. An entertaining little B-flick.

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